Thursday, 4 February 2010

Just lunging

Back to the office today, which meant I wasn't up at the yard until after teatime.

I decided to lunge them both. Fin was quite good, really flexing his joints. But a little bolshy with me. And he got wound up at the dog barking at him. Which is understandable as I was about ready to brain her for her antics tonight.

Decided it would be best if she was in a stable whilst I lunged Quadi. I think he wanted to roll, but he didn't. He did spent a lot of time 'peanut-rolling'. I'm not sure if this was because he was scoping out the surface for a roll, or because he was trying to stretch over his back. It's not good for his pelvis to work like that the whole time, but I did reward him verbally when he stretched forward AND out.

It was also tricky to gauge his bend in the dark. When I asked him for more bend, he did sometimes throw his head up. Hard to get everything together. But upward and downward transitions were easily achieved in a relaxed frame. Plus he was nice and responsive to my body language. He did take a spill in canter mind you. Which is what can happen to a horse when they try to motorbike the circle instead of bending. I didn't press him into canter, and he didn't take off at a rate of knots, but was lazy and took a spill for it. Mostly just sat his bottom in the snow, and seemed fine afterwards.

Truthfully I can't wait for this week to be over. I'm really tired with other things going on and didn't get my week off like I wanted. I'm going to attempt to clean some tack before bedtime. Hopefully this weekend will bring a lie-in for me!

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  1. Hope you get a break, and a good rest!