Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Bad times

Apologies for the grotty war-wound, but it is quite spectacular:

The other side of my ankle is just the same. Black and blue and green. The green bits are turning purple, ick! My foot looks like a prop from something like CSI, like it ought to be found in a dumpster wrapped in a black bag :s

I'm not really up to much. I went over my ankle again on Monday night, so am back to square one and under strict instruction to rest...ha!

My friend who cycles, and has received a similar injury in much less extreme fashion, has learned some new strapping techniques and strengthening exercises, I'll be sure to memorise them by the end of the week. And Anna is coming to visit me next week for some hoomin physio work. And pilates, she said I need pilates!

Between the ankle and other things I'm not having a terrific week really. A few things lingering in the background, so Quadi's having a few days off. His paddock has a sheet of water on top of it, I really am starting to lose my sense of humour a little but every day we're a little closer to Spring.


  1. lord, that looks awfully painful and horrid.


    don't think you ever did say how you did it?

  2. Awful! Nasty sprain - take care of yourself!

  3. Aw Danni that must hurt!!! Hope you're better soon, pilates is a must, yep.
    This winter is already tooo long but yes spring must be on it's way.

  4. Have been on the arnica, it would have looked a lot worse otherwise...

    I had a little too much champagne and went over my ankle on a step. In flat shoes thankfully. My ligament just gave way :s