Monday, 1 February 2010

And some days you should just stay in bed.

Two days off, woo! I really, really need them, am looking forward to doing fiddly little bits and pieces with the boys. Hot clothing, trimming fetlock hair, washing bits, etc. All the things not of our normal routine.

I was going to massage both horses last night but I could barely be bothered to bring them in for their feeds.

This morning I checked them before I headed to work. Fin bit the tip of my middle finger. My fault for having it near his mouth but he wouldn't let go. If I hadn't had my gloves on I'd only have 9 and 3/4 fingers. It's particularly painful. Then, as I stood sore finger in hand, Meg leapt at me excited about something or other and punched me squarely in the crotch with her muckle big clawed feet. I arrived at the office two hours after I set out, on account of people not being able to drive in snow. And I fell up the stairs once in the office.

One of those days I guess!

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  1. ouch Danni, glad you got to keep the finger. Spring will come...