Monday, 22 March 2010

Weekend catch-up

Whoops, naughty of me not to keep up. There have been a couple of opportunities to sit down and blog but being honest I just wasn't in the mood. I'm feeling much perkier now :)

Friday we went for a teatime hack, just round the woods with Kate and Fin. Lovely night and Quadi was a Very Good Pony :) I started on the poo-picking (it'll take several long days to clear the field) whilst the boys hooned around naked, rolling and playing.

Saturday we trailered both the boys to a local forest. Much bigger and more open trails than what we have next to us, so great for hooning around for a few hours. Rather pleasingly, Quadi loaded without much fuss at all. We gave him a good chance to load for sweeties, he advanced and retreated a few times and although he went in further each time he wasn't quite up for walking right in. So we put the lunge line around his backside and he walked right in with it loose, just touching him. He hat-danced some whilst we took a little longer with Fin, but for a horse who has in the past taken two hours to load I was left amazed!

The forest was wonderful. The boys were a little jiggy when we tacked up but we set off, Quadi booted as we do for longer hacks, and they were just lovely to be with. The forest track was a windy hill so poor Q was blowing a little at the top, but we had a canter (downhill!) and then on the road back we had another couple of brill canters with us in front. He took a hold when behind but I had to keep my leg on in front. Funny boy! On the homeward route I hopped off after about 2/3 of the way as he was sweating like a woolly old bear along his neck and belly. Poor chap was dragging his toes by the end, it was good for us to stretch out legs on the downward home straight.

Again Quadi loaded up really easily to go home and didn't jig too much whilst we worked to get Fin on board. Our first 'family' outing where they didn't move house, I think they enjoyed themselves!

Yesterday was a day off for us all. I was hungover! I fed the boys in the field and did some leg stretches with Quadi whilst Fin ate his food.

Today I hacked again. I'm not going to do too much schooling yet, I am losing my way with it a little so I'm going to back off until our Perry Wood clinic. The aim of the game is fun after all!

Quadi tried to stop on the way out of the yard, I asked him to keep going and he did. I set off a little way from the yard at a trot and he did bobble to a halt but moved off again. There was a time he wouldn't leave yards without walking around on his back legs! We did a lot of trot and canter today, wherever there was a safe stretch. He was also bending nicely around my legs as we weaved through the trees, and we walked over as many obstacles as possible. I rode him around the loop twice, and really gave it the beans at one part. He goes very long and flat and takes the rein, it felt fantastic to trust him to go flat out. He did stop as we headed around the loop a second time, had a little objection but did as asked. I don't mind him having an opinion but he must always do as I ask. The second time he tried to go fast and snatch the rein, so I held him in a really collected bouncy canter :D He got the message!

A little sweaty once we got home, but happy to have been out and I'm chuffed to bits that my little horse is so easy to be around now!

I LUFF my new saddle, I feel much straighter and far more secure in it than the Fhoenix. It seems to suit us both :D

A day off tomorrow but on Wednesday I am using Quadi to show a friend some lunging techniques. I am also planning some jumping and roadwork trotting too, and on Friday he has his long-awaited lameness check-up!

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  1. Sounds good Danni! Great news re the saddle. Hope the check-up goes ahead this time.