Thursday, 11 March 2010

A significant purchase

Still offshore. My tummy burns after every meal, am thinking ulcer or some sort of gastric issue, so not much in the way of pilates has been done. Shame on me.

My pony, however, is a lucky boy because I've finally managed to find the saddle he needs. Trying to find an Ideal Jessica in a wide fit with a 17.5in seat which isn't a stupid price was challenge enough, but I've managed to find one in beautiful condition in havana :) I hope it will be delivered sometime next week. Fingers crossed! We'll see how it looks in the short-term and I'll arrange to have a saddler check the fit and the flocking.

Kate also informs he he was a Very Good Boy for schooling last night. He is much more bendy than last time she schooled him, which was a while ago, so that's very pleasing. They even ahd a little canter on both reins. Right rein was tricky and he had a buck to start but his head was in the right place. He is checked over every month by one veterinary professional or another so I'm pretty sure the bucking is to register his dislike of having to work so hard.

We might return to a little lunge and long rein work to establish the canter without a rider. I also though to check which leg he favours when cantering on a hack. If we can ever get more than one sensible stride out of him, cantering on a hack is still rather exciting!

I realised that both Quadi and I have soft tissue damage in our right 'ankles' and now it seems we both have gastric impairment of some sort. Whatever next?!


  1. i've heard that people grow like their dogs, but not their horses!

    he seems to be doing really well, considering where he was in the fitness stakes!

  2. Hope the tummy's something and nothing. I used to love the Jessica, haven't had the chance to ride on one in an age, hope it's a perfect fit.

  3. Yes, he's not easy to get fit as he's never been properly fit. And he turns a teenager on his birthday this year, it's all against us *lol*

    Trudi, thank you, fingers crossed!