Sunday, 7 March 2010

Hot and very bothered

Well, I've done nothing. The first night I felt seasick so didn't do my pilates. Since then our air-con has been vastly under-performing, not working at all most of the time. So when it's 30+ degrees of glorious African summer outside, it's the same inside only without the sea breeze :(

I've already had to change one set of clothes today as my face was sliding down my shirt. Can't tell you how embarrassing it is to have sweat marks on the belly of one's attire. It's a challenge to keep hydrated. Sufficient to say I've made no attempt to exercise. I have been careful with food and perhaps I'll have sweated off some weight. She says, clutching lazily at straws.

Tonight, I'll try to be better. I never thought I'd want so much to go home and enjoy the miserable British weather. I'd happily lie face-down in Quadi's sodden field at this point. I can't seem to keep my heart rate below 140 at this point. Clearly, pasty Scots do not belong in this hemisphere!

I have been taking Ruta Grav for my ankle, only since I got here. Perhaps it's entirely a placebo effect but I swear it's feeling so much less swollen and more supple since I started. Still stiff and sore to touch but at least I don't squirm with pain if I bend my foot the wrong way without thinking.

In horsey news, Quadi has been hacking and his tummy doesn't seem too sore just now. I'm considering some additions to his diet, medicinal and complimentary, to try and get on top of this situation. However, I hate to over-supplement! He has been short in his off-fore but that's the hoof that currently sports a hole in the sole, probably from old laminitic separation. I'm sure with a shedding of sole that'll be gone, I imagine it's more like having an annoying rag nail than the hole itself posing an issue.

Oh, and we're booked in for a clinic with Perry Wood in April. Very, very much looking forward to that!

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