Friday, 26 March 2010

The Best News!

Phew! All clear! Well, am still waiting on a phonecall about his x-ray but even if there is more gappy infection up there, which would contradict everything indicated on the exterior of the hoof, I know we can deal with it.

I clipped his pastern in preparation for his scan, and he stood really well for me to do this. It bade well that he was in a compliant mood whilst we waited on the vet.

Despite there being a bin-lorry on the road we did our walk and trot up, the vet was smiling as we came back as he said he looked absolutely fine. He said if anything he was a little more careful on the near fore but totally sound. We trotted up the driveway which had odd little stones all over it, and Quadi's been on soft ground all winter and his sole is not tip-top yet because of that, so for him to run up 100% is terrific :D

We stood out and had a look at his (Quadi's!) feet and had a chat about hoof balance. I have a few things to correct but it was fab to chat with a vet who cared about hooves, he even crouched down to the floor to see them exactly side-on! There was no evidence on any proper separation up the white line, a little bit but not where we had the crack and certainly not to the previous extent.

Next was x-rays. Quadi was being such a good boy we did these without sedation. I also snuck in a couple of hind hoof x-rays so we can see how the pedal bone and other structures are doing. To slightly dull the shine on his halo, Quadi did put a hoof through the foam cover which was part of the case the x-ray machine came in! Oops, but perhaps it shouldn't have been so close to his feetles ;)

Lastly was the ultrasound. The ligament in question (medial collateral) was thicker than the the accompanying one on the other side, don't ask me what that one is called! But we clipped his other pastern and scanned his good leg and it was the same, so because he came up sound we can assume this is normal for him now.

Kisses were then lavished on said pony by me for being so helpful and not jumping on any expensive equipment or breakable vets!

After a feed I decided he could have the day off. I'm sure the x-rays won't show up any nastiness so I'm quietly very excited, although I have just lost my excuse for not competing!


  1. That's very good news!

  2. :-)

    wish we could do proper smilies on here...

  3. Thank you! Claire, my face aches from the proper smile I've been wearing since the first trot up, it's just fab!