Sunday, 14 March 2010

First day back

Boy it was good to be out! So pleased to be home and out in the fresh air. Anna and Kate already had a hack arranged for today and since I am still travel-sore I was happy to play groom and ground staff :)

Quadi seemed a little grumpy coming in, he pulled a face across the field and the yard and seemed a little shy of striding out properly. I checked over his legs and feet in the stable and nothing seemed hot or sore, no swellings. I figured if he was sore we'd spot it on the hack so didn't worry and tacked him up. It was joyful just to groom him and fuss him, even if he didn't quite reciprocate *lol*

Once out of the stable and moving around the yard he seemed fine. A little sticky to go off the yard, he couldn't possibly lead and to ask was an outrage! I walked ahead with the dog and he was fine, he seemed confident with this arrangement. He'd been playing up last weekend so not sure if it's just spring fever? He went into the lead through the forest, he soon forgets what he was arguing about!

Because I was on foot we thought it would be fun to go over the two ditches/burns. Quadi almost, almost followed me straight across but hesitated. I stood across and waited to see if either horse could summon up the courage to ford this massive obstacle ;) Both were being pickles and standing watching me across the way, so I gently took hold of Quadi's rein and asked him across. We jumped together, me taking care to be very clear of his legs and let go of his rein as soon as his momentum could only go forwards! Fin followed suit. First one down.

On the second ditch Meg and I crossed first and we barely got time to stand clear before we heard rumbling feet behind us! Both boys were massively praised and got a sweetie for jumping the ditch so enthusiastically :) Hopefully they'll be as good without a foot helper soon.

Quadi had another sticky moment just before they headed off for a trot, but he overall he was very happy to be out. Cheerful even, popping a couple of fallen trees across our path home without fuss. I had planned to take some photos but I got a little too warm and had to work hard to keep up! Anna our physio agreed that our forest paths were great work for Quadi and they were pretty good to test out my ankle on too! I might do some in-hand hacking this week because I need to build up strength too :)

On return I had one very chipper-looking horse afterwards, keen for his lunch. He is on more powder than chaff at the moment but he eats it all up :)

The grass is still a bit yellow and sickly in the field but the mud is firm. His tummy is still big but not distended or turgid so hopefully we can manage from here on in. He looks better than when I left him!

Saddle should arrive tomorrow, can't wait till then!


  1. :-)

    the african sun and shipboard rest will have done your ankle some good, then .. and i expect you've a good tan?

  2. I didn't venture outside whilst onboard so really the only sun I got was at the quayside waiting on the minibus, which was enough really. 30 degree heat with no shade :-O

    Don't like tanning, it's bad for you and I hate white bits *lol*