Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Spring has sprung

Day off the horses for me today. I thought that instead I'd have a run. I started getting stuck into spring cleaning and ran out of time to do anything else! Never mind, another day's rest for my ankle is no bad thing.

I did have a horsey playdate with a friend and her mare but that's postponed so tomorrow I think Quadi and I will do some work in the school. If I'm feeling bold I may assemble a few jumps...

Claire asked me a few days ago whether Quadi has LGL. When he came up last year and was still shod we were seeing evidence of laminitic episodes when he had his shoes off to have his feet trimmed. He wasn't ever lame because of it on account of being shod (I guess!). To be honest, I can't decide whether he is suffering a bit of LGL or alfalfa sensitivity. His new hoof growth is still tight as a drum at the top, perhaps it is the alfalfa, which is his sole feed. He literally gets a handful to provide some protein without excess energy, and also to carry all the powders he gets.

He is lacking puff on hacks so I'm wondering about feed and whether it's providing what he needs.

The feet thing could also be weakness after a long winter of very soft going.

Always something to think about isn't there!

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