Sunday, 28 March 2010

A Little Bit Fruity

The boys that is! Windy day + fit ponies who've had a couple of days off = much excitement!

I hacked them both. Fin was full of himself and I almost came a cropper out the front door when he spooked and wheeled around. I was busy footering with my ankle at the time (trying to find a way to put more weight through the stirrup without being sore) and he took offense at something or other nearby. Anyway, composure was regained and we had a nice hack.

Quadi next. I put the seatsaver on the saddle. Didn't like it, it was like a space foam nappy! I think the high pommel and cantle of the saddle didn't lend themselves to needing the seatsaver, in actual fact I find it a lot more comfortable without. All it really did was allow me to sit squint which isn't much help. I will save it for long hacks but it's not required at present. I was very aware of it for the whole hack.

Naughty Quadi didn't want to leave the yard and stopped a couple of times on the way out. I say he was naughty, he stopped, I asked him on, and he went. Much better than he's ever been but still a way to go.

We had nice long trots and a big canter where once again no brakes were present, luckily there is a scary big water container at the end of the track we were on otherwise I think we'd still be doing laps right now! It was lovely though, nice to have my boy feeling so well. Despite the breakdown in communication in stoppping versus going much faster I got a fit of the giggles. I suspect I am leading my impressionable horse astray ;)


  1. does it matter if you lead him astray, so long as he's fit to be so led? :-)

  2. Didn't like it, it was like a space foam nappy! brilliant description....hehehe

    Sounds like a great day.

  3. I agree on the description "space foam nappy" Great visual.