Monday, 29 March 2010

Fruiter still ;)

We were in the school tonight to do something 'constructive'. Ha!

I set up a little grid down one side, and two jumps along the other (at a related distance, boys have gotta work for their keep!) and also some raised polework down the middle for some physio warm-up.

Once again I pulled their rugs whilst I poo-picked which left me with two very muddy-but-happy horses. Luckily the mud isn't too gloopy anymore, it brushed right out.

Warm-up over the middle section was ok, Quadi didn't see how he could possibly step over them, and was doing his wriggly best to avoid attempting them properly.

We had trotting poles down the grid to start, which Quadi went through really well a couple of times and then tried to canter a couple and whilst he didn't get in a pickle it made for some interesting shapes down the lane! Once there was a little crosspole at one end he sat back properly and popped it really nicely. But kept cantering around and not paying any attention to my increasing brake aids! By the time we got to proper jumps there was no petrol in the tank and he kept refusing. He wasn't feeling terribly compliant either, he was ok but wilful. I'm not complaining, he was zoomy and a good giggle, even when I went airborne over one jump and landed in front of the saddle. Thankfully he has quite and 'up and out' neckset and bless him, he kept his head up whilst I clung with arms and legs clasped to his neck. We did half a circuit of the school like this, but only at a walk. And only because I was giggling furiously and wholly without the strength to stay on and wiggle my way back to the saddle seat!

Composure was regained in time to see Kate bail over a crosspole after doing much the same thing. A big jump and awkward landing in the saddle meant she decided Fin was better off without her on board. If you can imagine clanging two metal dustbin lids behind an unsuspecting cat, this is the style in which Kate and Fin parted company, landing on her back going backwards. Laughing and knickers full of sand! I collapsed in tears and fits of laughter, didn't think I'd ever exhale!

Not a terribly constructive approach to jumping. Well, it was to start with but degenerated into capering around. We all enjoyed ourselves, and Quadi and I will return to polework on the ground and improved canter work :s

The forecast for the next couple of days isn't fantastic but I live in hope it will sneak around us...

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