Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bring and Buy Bargains

Today I had a day off, but not from horses entirely. I have been helping out, in my own small way, with a riding club. Classical Riding and Equitation Society Scotland, or CRESS for short. Things are really starting to pick up now and a sort of bring-and-buy sale was arranged so that we could bring horsey items we didn't need to sell on, and perhaps pick up a few second-hand bargains. Which I did. Well, I did the shopping part! I procured a Heather Moffett Seat Saver in Havana, brand new for less than half price. And a pair of brass-coloured Icelandic safety stirrups. Feeling most pleased with my purchases, both were on my list of tack wants!

We were also raising awareness of our RC, so I was tasked with selling raffle tickets which will be drawn in May :)

Back to yesterday, the vet phoned me at the end of the day to say he'd looked at the x-rays. He said the off fore was absolutely clear, no hidden cracks in the hoof so two thumbs up that is gone. He said that in the hinds, he just had a quick look and there is still a negative palmar angle of P3 in one foot and it's bang on level in the other, so we really need both of those to shift a little with some trimming help. I'm a little disappointed that they're still like this, but not totally surprised, and they're better than they were. Will have to come up with a Plan Of Action for these troublesome tootsies!

I'll be getting digital copies of the x-rays so hope to post them when they arrive, hopefully I'll find a way to post them here.

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