Tuesday, 5 May 2009

One more sleep...

...till The Mighty Q arrives. The Mighty Q is what the Pete the transporter has dubbed him :)

Sufficient to say I have been far too busy and distracted to go to the gym. Actually, I ended up in Amseterdam, and more exactly in Schipol airport, for a couple of hours yesterday. So honest guv, I really have been all over the shop!

My brother has expressed an interest in coming to the gym with me, so I will be back soon to help him.

Back to ponies...I think I have lined up all the professionals I need to help maintain rehabilitation. Farrier, physio and vet :) I'm going to have to be uber-organised this next few weeks so that he can have continuing care when he needs it, I still have no idea when I'm being shipped off to work. A pirate's life for me!

I think I'll be able to sleep tonight because I'm so shattered after a hectic weekend.

5 carrots Lu?! Do I have to do that every day to retain his affections? *lol*


  1. who needs the gym with al that running around to do!

    hope he arrives in good nick!

  2. You need six, to raise the stakes ;). That said, the girls had no carrots but are smiling sweetly in the hope I bring them back to grass land tomorrow. They came back for the long weekend, and still looks like a jungle. :)

  3. I've only just caught up on all this and I am so desperately sorry to hear about Quadi's back. I hope he continues to make great progress. I'm so sorry for everything. Best wishes.