Monday, 25 May 2009

Gratuitous Mucky Pony pics!

The squeals and squabbles of the first couple of weeks were just bluster and posturing, firm friends now! Doesn't Fin have the coolest tan lines?! You can see the dip in Quadi's back, although he does have his head quite high to groom his taller buddy.

Nothing from me or Quadi today. I'm carrying a lot of tension, I woke up with a splitting headache. Am relaxing watching PK's first DVD. I daren't try any of the techniques of course, no worries there. I am, however, very inspired with my lunging and groundwork for tomorrow, hope it's a nice day!

I may even ride The Sound One, I just have to get on with it :)


  1. Great pics! So glad the boys have settled in so well together!

    I'm a great PK fan! ... and why "daren't" you try any of his techniques? All very gentle and with and for the horse.

  2. I daren't try anything except from the ground as one's seat should be exemplary to try what he does. I wouldn't even dream to attempt it. But I love his theories, they are so easy to understand. I had a few lightbulb moments yesterday, lots of groundwork ideas to play with :)

    And I gained some clarification for the ridden side of things I'm hoping to put to good use. Saturday was a bit like driving a supercar with the handbrake on and hammering the accelerator!