Friday, 15 May 2009

A night off

This weather! It was glorious yesterday, and the day before. Not so great today, but even so, at dead on 3pm it was raining all of a sudden!

The boys were obviously pleased to see us. Their field is at the top of a hill and the rain was horizontal. Quadi wasn't terribly warm under his rug but not cold either. Even on the way out to the yard I was thinking I could cope with a bit of lunging, but it started to hail and it really just wasn't weather for man or beast to be trying to work in!

So They Mighty Q is all cosied in his stable tonight. No rug on because he isn't exactly thin and I know he'll eat the straw from his bed, so he'll be toasty all night. There are a few others in tonight, should make for a cosy barn :)

His back looks less dipped than I was imagining, I needed to step back and take in the whole picture, he's looking quite good. I'm already thinking about tack. Kate has bought an Easisit and I really like the look of it. Can't stretch the budget to even a second-hand saddle till I've been offshore, but that's time enough to build up some strength in his abdomen.

I had hoped to take some piccies this weekend, with assistance. But not sure about this weather at all.

In lieu of any sort of constructive update, here is a recent piccie of Quadrado's dam (I didn't take it). She's the grey, her name is Altiva, I can't remember exactly how old she is but she must be into her twenties by now. She is an absolute poppet and I adored her as soon as I met her, such a sweet old lady. You can see from the pic she only has one eye. More importantly, you can see how dipped her back is, even for a broodmare.

Anyway, she is now retired from breeding duties to spend her time with friends at pasture :)

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