Thursday, 21 May 2009

No horsey update

Rather a boring update since it is non-horsey!

Kate had very kindly offered to work Quadi for me tonight, and for a second-time the weather scuppered her plans :(

He was a git anyway, not wanting to be caught and trying to remove a shoe on the fence! Naughty bad pony!

Last night when I came home my shoulder, the one I broke twice, was throbbing the way it used to. A toothachey pain. It used to hurt when I'd worked it too hard. I can only imagine it was the bike ride home. It was still sore this morning but I quickly forgot about it.

My sciatica was also giving me gip today.

After a day cooped up in the office I enjoyed a long walk home in the rain, it was highly refreshing! As I walked I was thinking about the way I was walking. I am aware that I will, eventually, have to ride my pony. And to do that I have to unlock my lower back. I can feel when I walk that I hold myself tight and up. I thought about what I am asking my horse, to use his tummy but to relax over the back. I could do it for a few strides only, but it's something I'd like to work on whilst on a horse. Kate has offered to teach me on Fin, I will definitely take her up on that.

The rubbish news is that, as soon as I'd made plans for the next fortnight for the horses, I am probably going away soon :( Never mind, need the pennies.

Oops, forgot to add that I got some photos of Quadi's feet and in all four there are signs of bruising and I think he has had LGL at some point. Here are the backs before the shoes and glue went on. I'm pleased with the shape and horn quality, and the heel isn't too weedy:


  1. Shame work is going to interrupt your progress with the horses!!
    I've also been thinking a lot about how I move! Middle-aged aches and stiffness - but not as bad as your problems!! But I'd like to have a go at Alexander Technique. Gareth, trimmer friend, is a qualified AT teacher and I'm hoping he'll help me next week when he comes to do the boys.

  2. My problem is not getting the right help when I injured myself, and my conformation doesn't help! I've been thinking about AT and other such therapies, would love to hear how you get on :)