Sunday, 24 May 2009

Itchy and Twitchy

Twitchy first. He was a happy little toot today, lovely company. This twitch though, it's still there! Because I had to cycle today I decided to do groundwork. So Quadi was suited and booted for a spot of lunging. I put some poles around one corner of the big school, which runs alongside his field. I couldn't be bothered lugging the poles into the little school! Just a fan around one corner with the edges raised on the outside, I wanted to try something new and interesting, as well as beneficial, instead of pushing the same work too far.

When warming up, before the introduction of the Pessoa, it became apparent that Quadi was not sound in front. The off fore lameness that the vet warned me about has crept back in, I hadn't seen it since he arrived. We were doing so well :(

At the vets, it was worse on the left rein when the off fore was on the outside. But today it seemed worse on the right rein. It wasn't until I first asked him up to trot, his head was nodding quite obviously. He popped up into canter no problem though. Downward transitions were dribbly again but I couldn't ask him to balance when he wasn't sound. On the opposite rein he immediately popped up into trot. I'm not sure if my body language was pushing him or if he wanted to. The lameness was less obvious but still there. It didn't disappear with warming up, which is my biggest concern. So we called it a day. The physio is going to try and come out on Tuesday night but she is poorly. A couple of days off for Twitchy.

Itchy (Fin) and I didn't do anything because we didn't get on very well in the stable! I need to learn to be more patient. At least he seemed none the worse for wear after my riding him!

The great news is that the boys get to stay in their stable little herd of four, which I am so happy about on the poo-picking front! They all seem happy with each other :)

The cycle in both directions was a real chore today. Less so on the way out but the wind was in my face both there and back, AGAIN! I really struggled on the way home, but I hadn't eaten since breakfast. I need to keep a stash of Powerade at the yard and at home. I have adjusted my saddle to be a little higher in order to try and alleviate the knee pain I get post-ride. And I finally have mud guards, which were tricky to fit. Yay for Dads and cable ties!


  1. knee supports?

    have you cancelled the gym membership yet?

  2. Hmm, maybe. I don't have great knees, rather typical of a tall-ish person. If the saddle adjustment doesn't work that is the next step.

    I'm so lucky, my membership was a gift and is paid up for the year. I don't want to waste it so I can transfer it over to my boyfriend if he will use it. Even when I get a car, I'm sure I'll spend every spare second at the yard :D

  3. Sorry Q wasn't right. I guess it's going to be 2 steps forward and 1 step back for a while.

  4. I think so Jane. Not too much I hope though!