Sunday, 31 May 2009


I'm struggling in this heat!

I was a little tardy in getting up today so didn't head out as early as I'd liked, but it was still cool enough to cycle. I walked a little more than usual, but I had to make sure I had the energy to work a horse and get home too!

I hauled Quadi off the grass when I arrived before I went to poo-pick, the longer he is off the grazing the better. His muzzle should arrive shortly but we may have to go as far as 6-8 hours in with soaked hay. We'll see how the muzzle fares!

I'm so pleased he seems so happy to work, he's always keen to take the bit and be tacked.

Lunging was hard work today. It was nearly midday by the time we got into the school. But hey, he's a Luso, and he's usually more sensible in the summer. Today he was like a little boy going round the supermarket with mum, being dragged along by the arm! He was just trying to find ways to make life easier. When warming up he was falling in through his inside shoulder, bending to the outside, running flat, etc. In the Pessoa he was curling back and shaking his head, so I sent him forwards. Normally I can see bits and pieces of good work not using the Pessoa, very much because we use it, but today...not so much. His trot was great when I used it, but both in the warm up and afterwards, his head was up up up!

The polework was an effort and he kept trying to dodge them. I didn't have my game face on because it was so hot; I struggled to concentrate but I tried my best. I got a couple of nice runs on each rein. But even then, as soon as he was over the poles his head was up, back hollow, hind legs in the next postcode. And yet, he was bang on with transitions, every time.

But I wasn't finished there. I donned high-viz and took him for a walk down The Scary Road. In-hand, exercise for both of us :) He was a little 'lookey'. There was a old garage door lying in a driveway, he baulked at it, so I asked him to come and touch it. I put a treat on it, it was much less scary when food was involved ;) I had to work hard to keep him next to me, so that I was level with his shoulder. I don't like to let him pootle behind when we are working, because if he leaps in any direction I'll likely get broken ankles! He was very good though, very up but taking everything in. We stopped a little further down the hill than yesterday and went home. He was a little naughty and kept trying to snatch a bite to eat, I don't like that on any sort of hack. He really is obsessed by food.

Anyway, he was great on the way home too. I left him in the school to have a good old roll whilst I put away his poles. A happy looking horse :) His back didn't look better for having worked but he seemed content.

I found the ride home both excruciating and infuriating. My legs wouldn't work hard and the wind was fierce enough to slow me down as I freewheeled down steep hills. Grumble! And some ponce in a jumped-up hatch thought he'd try and turn right as I was crossing his path over a busy road. I had right of way of course, he didn't even look.

I'd like a car now please!


  1. Sounds like you got in a good work. What type of muzzle are you planning to use - I ask because I need to put grazing muzzles on a couple of my horses.

  2. Hi Kate

    I have ordered a Shires muzzle:

    I've read good reviews about it online, and it's not too expensive if he trashes it or if it's not the right style. A good place to start :)

  3. Just be careful with rubs from the shires one Danni, even with additional sheepskin padding around the rim and in a stip for nose and chin Safi got horrendous rubs :-(

  4. Thank you, I will :) It's just a starting point, there are places to get made-to-measure muzzles. And he can be brought in for a few hours a day on soaked hay too.

    Besides, after ordering my D&H weight tape & reminding myself about condition scoring, I now see that he isn't as fat as I thought. I might just keep the muzzle for moving into lush pasture, till the others have nibbled it down :)

    I have also bought reflective bridle strips so that we can find it hidden in clever places in the paddock ;)