Friday, 29 May 2009

Hot hot heat

No pony news today.

I am getting a lift tomorrow because I think I'll melt if I try to cycle. It was about 24C today, my heart rate sky-rocketed for some reason. Not enough water probably, and maybe a little bit of stress. I meant to go to the running shop today to ask about electrolytes, I think I need more than Powerade. My legs were a dead weight just walking around town!

I've ordered Himself a grazing muzzle, the Shires one. I'm actually worried that the short-cropped grass might be causing the biggest problem. The field they are due to move into has longer grass, and sadly it is a dairy farm, but shorter grass is more rich in sugar and subject to greater fluctuations, I'm led to believe.

Will have a chat to YM and see what we can do with him.

Tonight my mission is to research feeds. I think he needs to be on a balancer and joint supplement soonest. I'm a bit leery of Top-Spec because of the anecdotal evidence that it causes footiness in some. But it does contain Yea-sacc I think, and does have the best vitamin and mineral balance. I don't know what the soil nutrition is like on the farm's fields though. Norvite do good supps which are NE-specific, that's another option.

As for joint supps...where do I start?!?!

I think by this time next week I'll be offshore. Will miss my pony :(


  1. well, molly's on topspec leisure balancer and has been for a good while, and i've not noticed any footiness , and she is barefoot. slightly different formulation i think from teh top spec ordinary balancer..

  2. Whisper is doing well on Equimins Hoof Mender for her hoof issues and Suppleaze Gold for her joint issues.

  3. Thanks you, even more to think about!