Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Strange twitch...

Quadi hasn't done anything since Sunday. Kate offered to work him on Monday but the weather had other ideas. And Tuesday was competition evening at the yard. At the moment I am working in the office and only manage up once or twice during the week.

Today was farrier day. All went well, Quadi was quite good apart from being twitchy and swooshy-of-tail.

He had been like that about half an hour after he came in to be groomed. Shuddering at both his shoulders and swishing his tail up his back, stomping feet. I gave him a good brush and massaged him with the rubber-pronged massage brush. He enjoyed both, wibbling his top lip and offering to reciprocate the grooming. But he didn't stop twitching. I stretched out both his front legs, he seemed a little reluctant to release them fully, but did in the end. Snatched them back though. Carrot stretches were no problem, and he hasn't forgotten how to bow. Nor has he stopped his funny habit of waving his boy bits around when he gets clicker treats *lol*

I had to wait on the resin in his hind feet curing. Once it did, I took him out roll, to see if he could sort out whatever was bothering him. Still twitching. So I lunged him, hoping that warming up his muscles would help.

Warm-up without pulleys was fine, he was lovely and soft and in a great relaxed outline. He tries to evade the Pessoa initially, which freaks me out because he curls right back, so I sent him straight into trot and that helped immensely. Downward transitions were a little boggy again today but I didn't cry this time ;) He was throwing his head up in them, so I sent him forward to try and rebalance. It worked in the end, and I wasn't sure if he was at all sore, so I ended on a good note. He is so willing.

When Kate arrived she poked and prodded him and found some grainy lumps in both sides of the base of his beck, before the wither. She gave them a good rub and he seemed to enjoy this a lot, although the twitching persisted. He certainly wasn't sore, best guess is a possibly trapped nerve or something like that, so he is out tonight in the hope that he will roll it loose.

He also had his second jab of Cartrophen. I wimped again, but did manage to watch this time so I think I should be ok next week. There are three nurses at the yard if I get stuck, or, more likely, wuss out of the task *g*


  1. i once messed up a jab so badly that my old mare wouldn't let me do it any more.....right off jabs, she was!

  2. Heehee, Claire, at least you tried!