Sunday, 10 May 2009

Grumble grumble...

I could type lots...

but they are settled in bar a few hiccups.

To be honest I've had a pretty low weekend because now I see we're at the bottom of a hill and just how far we have to go. And it's hard building up a bond with him again. Actually, it's not him it's me. He's been a sweetie in the stable, apart from trying to chat up every other equine on the yard. I know I'm putting a lot of pressure on us both but I'm also aware that I must keep up his physio rehabilitation work. I'm also finding the 16m cycle there-and-back hard work. There have been tears...crying and cycling are not to be combined, I recommend separating the two activities or it takes a lot longer to get home!

I refrained from posting till now because it would just have been a self-indulgent diatribe about how life and everything else entirely sucks. I wouldn't say I feel any better, I'm just too tired to write all about it.

The physio and vet up here would like to come and see him this week, I should find out when exactly tomorrow. Which is great actually as I need to be reminded of how to do IM jabs, he is on weekly Cartrophen injections for the next month. I'm also going to get a little more information on how he was working before he came up, I'm leery of pushing him too hard but I'm also aware that we're just over a month into his treatment so it's still easier for him to evade and revert to the habits of a lifetime. We had a spin on the lunge today. I felt like a lot of pairs of eyes were on us, which may or may not be my imagination. But sufficient to say I got my knitting all wrong as a result. And I really don't like the Pessoa. Not that I at all dispute why I'm using it, it's just...I wish I didn't have to use it. But we do, and it's because Quadi needs to become much firmer acquaintances with his abdominal muscles!

I'm not sure how much I'll see him this week but I plan to get to the gym and just switch off; think about something else or nothing at all for an hour or two.

Maybe I'll cheer up for next time!


  1. You seem to be being quite tough on yourself. A 16 mile round commute by cycle would be tough enough when you are used to it, let alone at the first weekend, with a very emotional sitution to deal with too. All too draining to expect anything other than tired tears IMO.

    The boy is ok I'm sure, and its easy to get out of practise with longreins/lungereins etc. Whe I first started again I was mortified at how hard I found it-in front of people too, and I've seen the best get in a knot at times too. ;) Relax, relax.

    re Q, he's had a couple of moves and management changes, phsyical discomfort/change and a long journey in a short space of time: not many horses take it all in their stride and feel like bonding immeadiately.

    I'm sure you'll both crack it: just be easier on yourself Danni. Lots of love Sweets.

  2. why ARE you having to cycle? that's an awfu long way, with work to do inbetween!

    you'll sort it, i have no doubt...

  3. I don't have a car at the moment, with all the impending vet bills and such it's not entirely feasible. But I'm working on it.

  4. Ohhh sorry Danni it must be really tough emotionally and physically,16miles!
    Its going to be hard on both of you getting back to know each other/the moves for Q and the pressure of feeling you *have* to do the physio during it all.


  5. Oh Danni!!! Big hugs!
    Totally agree with Lulu! Don't be so tough on yourself!
    And forget other "eyes" unless they're knowledgeable and supportive ones!!