Saturday, 23 May 2009

Back in the saddle

I rode twice today, and I'm in moderate pain now!

Luckily I had a lift to the yard and home again. I don't think I'd have been able to cycle home.

Quadi still has that twitch. I'm not thrilled, I thought he might have unstuck whatever is sticking. But it's still jiggling away. It seems to get worse when he is agitated and it almost doesn't happen when he is standing sleeping. I rubbed the area today and he went all droopy. He doesn't seem sore, but he is still flicking his tail and stamping his feet, I think out of irritation more than anything.

I had planned to ride and then wondered if I ought to. My plan was that I'd tack up and see how he felt about that. He was fine, very willing and compliant. So I thought I'd see how he felt about being walked around the school in tack. Absolutely no sweat there. So I decided to mount up and see if he was ok with that. Even though a trailer came rumbling onto the yard at the moment I put my weight in the left stirrup, he was brilliant. He just stood and waited.

He did try to go to his stable, I had get him focused on leaving the yard to go for a walk. But leave we did. A very nosey pony he is, I couldn't get much sense out of him because he wanted to look at everything. And I couldn't get home to walk slower than a scuttle. So not sure I'm going to be terribly effective at his ridden rehab. But it was a first attempt.

I'm borrowing a Fhoenix for him because he isn't being ridden regularly, but I'd prefer a treed saddle. The Fhoenix kills my hips and lower back anyway.

I also rode Fin. He's a lovely horse to ride, so well-schooled. He confirmed that my seat is a very, very big problem but he sported me around the school and down the road without complaint.

Don't really feel like typing much more, my back and hips ache so much I just want to go to bed!


  1. Yay! Great that you're back "on board"!

    Don't be so hard on yourself! To be able to ride ..... you need to ride!!

  2. I've spent a long time being scared to ride because I'm not good enough, not even close. But I figure I'll either get better or I won't, in the case of the latter then I'll stop. But you're right, can't know one way or t'other if I don't try :D