Thursday, 30 April 2009

A break from my broken body

Life and the universe is getting in the way of my exercise routine this week! I haven't been since Monday, mostly because of work. I'm rather used to my daytime being my own.

I'm very tired, and very tense, and I feel like a workout would help a lot. But no time, ho hum. Because I've been at work and I'm finding it mentally taxing, I've been drinking tea and eating rubbish and I feel worse for it. My own fault but I'm not bothering for the moment.

In place of my yawn-inducing gym diary, here is another update on The Boy :)

Yesterday he had his second round of mesotherapy and steroids into his SI. They decided not to medicate the spaces in his vertebrae this time, because steroids always pose a risk of laminitis and they didn't feel he needed another dose. So that's pretty good that he's needed less drugs this time around. He also had another dose of Tildren.

Everyone at the practice adores him from what I'm told, they love his cheeky personality and think he's a little star. I think he'll be missed. At the weekend, when it's quiet, he has free roam of the enclosed yard, and tries to help make up feeds for the other patients *lol* I'm very lucky to have a great friend in the area who visited him today, so he got some carrots and some kisses.

There's already talk of a ridden physio programme. I am happy to keep working him in-hand until he's a lot stronger but I'm thrilled that he's come so far so quickly.

6 sleeps until he is home. It's ironic that I'm now in the office, I could really have used the time off to make all the phone-calls and do all the shopping I need to. And it's hard to concentrate on what I'm supposed to be doing, when all I can think about is playing ponies!


  1. Ooo sounds like great progress for Quadi! Do I detect a hint of excitement about him coming home?

  2. Oh exciting not long now! Is he staying at the vet he not with Ann anymore?Think im confused which isnt hard :))

    My friend is going through a treatment program with her pony it sounds quite similar.He doesnt have kissing spines but damage to the ligament in his back plus some bones changes with navicular thrown in.
    He's had his course of Tildren and shockwave therapy(?) and is now undergoing physio.The physio has given my friend a plan of exercises including poles and hill work, all inhand for now then reassess in 3months which will hopefully lead to being ridden.

  3. looking good for the boy...

  4. More than a hint Jane! I'm actually making myself rather ill in the process! It's how I used to get every Christmas, I would be so excited I'd end up very poorly...

    Nicola, he was at the vet's for a month to undergo some fairly intensive (for him!) physio, laser therapy and continued medication. He's not on loan anymore, hasn't been since he went to the vet.

    I hope your friend's pony is back to their best soon. The treatment sounds almost identical :) Shockwave therapy sounds exciting, wonder what that involves?

  5. Bonne voyage Q!

    I hope you get some sleep tonight Danni. Remember, you've got to trump 5 crrots these days to buy a horse's love. ;)