Monday, 20 April 2009

Knuckling down


Of course I haven't lifted a finger since my last blog. Terrible. Today I decided I would jump back into my training programme with alacrity. Both my big feet first of course!

Day One is power walks on the treadmill and upper body. What in fact happened was I got a stitch after only fifteen minutes, what a poor specimen I am! Cardio was hastily completed on the bike, sitting down seemed much easier!

The weight work was hard, and I can see, whilst using the free weights, how my arms are developing differently. There is a school of thought that limbs should be worked individually but I worry I'll strain my back if I do that. Perhaps this advice only pertains to lower body? I still haven't bought a shoulder brace and am unlikely to what with Quadi coming home. I've been very busy buying grooming kits and things instead...*g*

I also feel like my muscles are holding themselves into knots in my back, I can feel that when I use the free weights too. Not sure what the answer is there, will have to ponder that problem some more...

My mission for tomorrow is to phone around the vets up here and see which ones will be best to continue his treatment, and also which one uses the farrier(s) I like to complete his remedial shoeing work. And to find out how The Boy Himself is getting on, last report was that he is being a star :D


  1. OO - been "intending" to lose weight and get fit. You're my inspiration!!

    Hope you can find a great vet to continue the good work!

  2. but as you know, danni, if you don't do all this every day, you'll not be able to build yourself up to be able to do it....

    glad to hear Q is being a star....

  3. Oh Lordy, I'm going to be poor inspiration Jane!

    Think I've got a vet, just need physio and farrier :)

    You're so right Claire, I need to be disciplined. My Number 1 challenge really. But I'm getting there. People keep telling me how 'well' I look. I dunno if that means well-thinner or well-fatter though!

    I weighted myself today and I am heavier, but my super-fit friend did say when she started out she bulked and built muscle before any fat shifted. Not that she was fat at all :)

    Of course, I could have just gained four pounds because I am fatter! *lol*