Sunday, 26 April 2009

Lazy Sunday

Rest day today because yesterday's session has left me aching!

It was my mini-triathalon day. 15 minutes of rowing, 15 minutes of cycling and 15 minutes of running. Rowing was ok, although I seemed to be rocking on one seatbone so I finished quite sore. Only one seatbone, the right one...wonder why I'm sitting oddly?

Anyway, cycling went as well as ever. I pushed hard and sprinted, my face purple by the end. But I felt ready to run. Sadly only two minutes in and I got pains in my chest. I am of the opinion that my cleavage is too big for this running lark, coupled with my lofty gait I think it's hurting my chest? I don't think I'm built to jog so I will continue to walk for now. My heart rate doesn't change whether I walk or run, I just don't cover as much ground. Although, my hip flexors are still are tight as a drum so for now we shuffle...

The remainder of my session was upper body training. It gets easier with each attempt :) It was mostly using the machines, my arms tremble towards the end, it must look so silly but that's really how lacking in substance my upper body is! I did have some free weight work to do too. And more abdominal crunches!

Lovely day off today, and back into it again tomorrow

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