Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Still nothing

Why am I ill?!?!

I have even packed my gym bag for today, with the very best of intentions...

I don't suppose it helps that it's raining today. I don't see the point of trying to run today if my sinuses are making my teeth sore (I hope it's just the cold and not a toothache!) and my chest is tight. I'm probably being a flake but those are my excuses!


  1. One of the possible reasons I got so ill so quickly is trying to exercise while I was just a little ill. Be prudent, its different to lazy. A walk with good posture?

  2. How does a long walk with bad posture figure?! I went shopping today in a foul mood, what with one thing and another, and ended up with a tight chest and sore back, and laden with carrier bags. I think 90% of it was emotional tension though. I ought to have paid more attention to my way of going.

    I'm offshore for a couple of days, hopefully I'll be in the mood to use the gym :)