Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Day of rest

Quick one today. I decided against the gym this morning because I had sore legs and several friends always remind me not to work sore muscles I used to push through pain and injury but since I am so broken of body I doubt that strategy works in the long term! Since I've been rather lax in my efforts this past few weeks, I skipped today. Not that my laurels were rested on, I whirled like a dervish through the house and did lots of housework, and went out for a walk. Hope that counts!

Tomorrow, I shall get back on the bike and see if I can push things a little further. I was hoping to get back into my training routine next week but, wouldn't you know it, I'm due off to work again!

I also have volunteered to assist in redecorating efforts, so I will be working my arms tearing down old wallpaper :D

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