Tuesday, 7 April 2009

I'm back!

Tsk, naughty Danni, a month without blogging! Life has been hectic hence the lack of posts.

So, what have I been up to during my Blogger hiatus?

About a month ago I had one of the trainers at the gym rejig my training routine, now I'm on something much more...well, cruel as far as I was concerned, but it'll be worth it!

My gym also offers healthy checks. Apart from my heart never coming below 100 beats per minute for that aspect of the test, I got a clean bill of health. Low cholesterol and no sign of diabetes, which I wasn't suspecting but always good to know. The fast heart rate only confirmed what I thought has been causing me to feel so rotten. A few happenings in all aspects of my world have caused me to be quite stressed out, despite my insisting I had nothing to be stressed about. Our bodies will always find a way to tell us when something is wrong, and the message was received loud and clear...eventually *lol*

What this called for was a sneaky holiday down in Devon. Which was lovely as ever. Except that I had no gym to go to (any in the area either had frankly pedestrian facilities or was prohibitively expensive), so any latent enthusiasm I might have had about starting my new routine withered and hid under a duvet for the best part of three weeks! I did go for walks to the park on Sundays, but palpitations intercepted even these attempts to exercise!

I was finding myself quite pathetic at one point. But I just need to take things slower and try hard not to harbour too much stress. I had it explained to me at the gym what negative physical effects this can have. So on a non-fitness front, I'm trying very hard to be a more relaxed bunny :D

And more exciting news...my horse will shortly be joining me back in Scotland soon. The title of my blog couldn't be more apt as he has just been diagnosed with kissing spines. So we both have a long road of rehabilitation ahead, we can be lame old waifs together! For the summer anyway, I will be cycling 8 miles (which I worked out is 12km!) each way to see him, until I can get myself a car. Nothing like throwing myself in at the deep end!

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  1. what! Kissing spines? oh no......

    how did they find that out?