Monday, 27 April 2009

Busy busy

I am earning a crust in the office this week, so I got to the gym at around 6pm.

It's so different at this time of day, I managed to nab myself the one free treadmill. Every other machine was occupied! I forgot my headphones so was without my own tunes. It wasn't so bad, I just watched The Simpsons without sound *lol*

The gradient on the treadmill was ramped up to it's maximum, and I power-walked solidly for a half hour. Concentrating all the time on lengthening my stride and trying to maintain posture. I did catch myself in the mirror a few times and saw my bottom trailing behind the rest of me, rather in the fashion of farmyard poultry! But I tried :) I didn't feel too tired by the end and to be honest could easily have walked for longer, but the weights machines were free so I had to grab my chance! So I'm really pleased with how well my puff is improving.

Upper body weights this evening, I was feeling smug that I am now able to lift slightly heavier weights. The improved tone in my arms also means that movements are more smooth and fluid, I don't have to throw my weight behind what I'm doing. I can start to rely on the strength I'm developing. I didn't get to complete my session as one of the machines I needed was busy with people chatting and using it, so I gave that a miss. I also couldn't warm down because the mats were full!

I wish the gym wasn't at the opposite end of town from my office! I could go early in the morning...I don't mind going in the evening but it is a little frustrating when I can't complete my session, especially when I was so full of enthusiasm and drive. I hope at least I don't lose that....


  1. I used be a real gym bunny..I just cant seem to find the time now despite the fact I 'know' I could do with it!
    Riding and walking the dogs keeps me ticking over I suppose but I do miss that feeling of real fitness and being firm:)))

  2. He he "Do the Funky Chicken"!

    I really must make use of our home gym!!