Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Beginning again in earnest

Today was the first day I have been to the gym, my gym anyway, in a few weeks.

Since I will be cycling 24km every day I go to see my horse, I thought the best place to start would be on the bike. They really aren't suited to my shape at all, I ended up with a numb backside. We were reacquainted later, thank goodness, but I really couldn't feel it for a while! I selected a hill program and managed just over 9km in half an hour. I figure I should be plenty fit for cycling to the yard soon. The road out is cycle path for about half the way, with traffic lights, and country road the rest of the way, so I reckon about an hour maybe? Maybe faster if I really push and some days I might, but 2 hours a day of leisurely cycling will be very good for me in the summer months. Good job I don't have to ride Quadi, my horse, straight away, my pelvis might fall off! I also have lots of offers of lifts for the days where I might not feel like cycling :)

I suppose since my horse is to return I should blog about what he is up to.

He was diagnosed with kissing spines a week ago. They are in his lumbar region, which is an unusual place to have them. The condition is rated between 1 and 4 and Quadi's is at 2, 2/3 for one vertebrae. His foot balance also requires correction as it is certainly exacerbating the problem. His treatment was injections of long-acting steroids into the spaces between his vertebrae (three in all) and another into his right SI joint. In addition to this, the vet administered 240 little injections into his back, and he was given a dose of Tildren. Poor love had to have his back shaven but he was an absolute superstar and never put a foot wrong the whole day he was there.

Currently, as of yesterday in fact, he is spending a few weeks at the vet clinic in order to receive Pessoa lunging 6 days a week. And he is also to have laser therapy along his back, as well as remedial shoeing and regular monitoring of his condition. I really wasn't sure about the shoeing as I was sure even correct balance would improve his chances being sound, but it hopefully will break the vicious cycle his posture and his lameness seem to be in.

Who knows if I'll ride him again. I am heavier and much more unfit than when I was last riding, and now that he has a sore back he is weaker. But he'll have to be kept fit and working for the rest of his days in order to maintain the condition in his back. We can do that with variations on all themes of ground work, and I shall certainly aim to get back on board if his treatment bears any success, which I am quietly confident it will :)

We will just take one day at a time, otherwise there is too much to think about. It'll certainly be fun and games having a horse whilst I work offshore but I've never done things the easy way!


  1. well, that answers my question. and answers a lot of questions as well! what a shame....

    hope he comes right eventually, and you won't need the gym!

  2. Fingers crossed Claire!

    Shh, don't tell anyone but I actually am really enjoying the gym *lol* Although it can't beat being out in the fresh air with your 'orse!

  3. Ouch, kissing spine does not sound good. I hope your horse improves significantly from treatment.


  4. Hi Jen

    Thank you for your good wishes. He is a tough little cookie, I'm sure he'll come right :)