Sunday, 4 April 2010

Warmer, but tired

Thankfully the snow has melted and we're all starting to thaw out a little. I couldn't, and still can't really, be bothered blogging on account of an ear and throat infection, coupled with an irksome dry cough. Hasn't stopped me riding of course :)

I broke my No Schooling Till Clinic rule and that's what we did yesterday, after a morning feed run. I stopped after about 50 minutes as it wasn't feeling good, despite being told it looked good. Quadi kept trying to nap towards Fin and was reluctant to even try to balance any weight over his back end, choosing instead to run through my hand. So I took him along towards the forest with the intention of having a little blast, and was unable to satisfy this want because the track was busy. I assumed they didn't wish to be mowed down by us pair so we stormed back home in a dreadful huff. Ok, I say 'we', I mean 'me'!

Today we hacked, booted as we were going along the road. We found a way to get from the closed road we hack along to the forest next to the yard in a loop. Which was nice. I was messing around with my seatbone placement and becoming frustrated with my pelvis misalignment. Lack of any sort of core strength! I really ought to chill out about it but I can't at all. We had a mad canter on the way home resulting in near stirrup entanglement and several sliding stops. Once home I discovered Quadi was deficient to the tune of one hoofboot. I trudged back up the track through the mud and found it right where we started cantering.

Not to sound like a complete Moaning Minnie, I am pleased with Quadi's physique at present, and I trimmed his feet which look much better for it.

Am back in the office this week so I expect to be even sleepier by the end of the week. I think I'll have the day off on Friday as we have a clinic to pack for and also, hopefully, A Very Special Delivery ;)

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