Friday, 23 April 2010

I LOLed!

Very stupidly, I did not heed Kate's comments 24 hours previously about today's weather. It rained on and off, mostly on, from this morning. I asked her to bring in Quadi to dry off about an hour before I arrived. When I reached the yard I found this mudlark in Quadi's stable:

They're not terribly clear mobile photos, they really don't do justice to how disgusting he looks! I laughed, very loudly! It's a fairly dreich night so I wasn't too fussed at not riding. Quadi clearly felt he needed an extra layer of insulation! And yes, you can see lumps of poop on his backside. I chucked him back out after a feed, it'll get the loose hair out of his coat if nothing else :D

Despite slipping in the shower this morning and having to pull some naked ninja moves in the shower to avoid landing on our sharp-edged taps, my back isn't so bad today.


  1. shower mat... highly recommended!

    he does look dirty!

  2. Yes, need a shower mat to avoid further sliding!

    Dirty doesn't even cover it *lol*