Thursday, 15 April 2010

Clinic Photos - Finally!

A little in-hand:

Warming-up and taking up a polite contact:

Asking for softness with a touch of the whip, you can see he comes a little behind the bridle and then levels out:

I like this photo because you can see my leg asking for some bend. Sadly I've tensed up the right ankle:

You can see here I've not been quick enough and he's going hollow:

This is my favourite. Ok, so we're not going anywhere, but a sustained halt is a big step:

Moving into trot. As in a lot of the photos, my inside hand in particular is too low. but he's forwards and not totally upside-down. I'll take that much right now :)

I got my knitting in a knot and he's very pokey-nosed here. But I like the expression on his face and the pairing of his legs:

NB: His feet, just like the rest of him, are a work in progress. Not very pretty at the moment but better than they were!

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