Monday, 19 April 2010

No Time

Despite leaving work early I had no time to do anything, not even soak his feet. Just feed and hay and out again, I'm sure he won't mind.

Day off for me tomorrow so we'll crack on back in the school, weather permitting!

ETA: I almost forgot what I wanted to write about. Quadi's behaviour yesterday and his recent grumpiness (but I wouldn't say bullying) with the baby would suggest there's been a change in the grass. He chases the other two off the hay piles until he has ascertained which is biggest for him, and he's been stuffing himself as soon as he gets in. I suspect there's been a flush in sugar levels without there being any more fibre. More sugar coarsing through him without the satisfaction of any more fibre. I guess it's muzzle time, although the grass isn't very long at all.

I do hate this bit, those pleading guilt-inducing looks from the paddock in his Hannibal-type mask!


  1. We also use a chromium/magnesium/selenium/vitamin E supplement for our horses who are insulin resistant, and it does make a difference for them when they're on the grass - our objective is no sore feet.

  2. They're just like kids when the sugar gets out of wack.....bouncing off the ceiling, so to speak.