Thursday, 22 April 2010

Back Pain

Mine that is :(

Quadi hadn't been ridden since the weekend until yesterday. I was in, frankly, a foul mood from physical pain. Abdominal cramps and all of a sudden my pelvis feels as out of whack as it's ever been.

I decided to hack. We went straight off the yard and had a lovely hack. Save getting strong in canter, which was ill-advised as I was not feeling terribly buoyant or coherant in my riding. He stag-leapt the second ditch on the way home, luckily I had to foresight to anchor myself in before he did so!

Tonight Kate rode him for me, it was really useful to see him being piloted by a more consistent rider, and also to admire how much he's improving.

Kate hasn't ridden him since we got the new saddle, but had previously tried him in the same model of saddle last year. She said he felt really fab, especially when he really started working properly. We even got a glimpse of some lengthened strides, really nice rhythm and uphill. A really positive experience for him today :D

I was sore just standing to watch, but hopefully I'll be feeling a little less buckled tomorrow!


  1. oh bu**er Danni, hope the back's better soon.

  2. Oh do feel better - back pain is the worst!