Thursday, 15 April 2010

First schooling post-clinic

Just quickly because I'm knackered!

I was apprehensive about schooling after the clinic. We did a little in-hand. Shoulder-out on the right rein down towards the end of the school was sticky because he was spooking at Nothing in the bushes there. But I got some nice positive rein-back from him so I moved onto riding.

He was spooky about a lot of things and trot was a little motorbikey so we stuck to walk and in addition to the work Perry gave us on a circle I also did some shoulder in at the spooky places and to finish played with placing his head at halt.

I think we were probably a little scatty to watch at times but I recreated some moments from the weekend which made me so happy.

I wish I wasn't so tired because I'm sure I could write more but I really must go to bed!

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