Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Handbrake on!

A lovely hack today, after a day off yesterday :)

Once again he was a little stick-in-the-mud about leaving the yard but only for a moment and with a nudge of the leg we were off. When I attempted trot away from the yard it was like having the handbrake on! I think he thinks when I ask him to trot I'm trying to rush him past something spooky, so he slows down. Funny boy.

We had a lovely mooch through the forest, a calm and bouncy canter around the loop and he was totally compliant when we went home a different way. Under the underpass. He forged ahead all by himself, I'm so proud! A huge improvement on last time.

The handbrake-on feeling returned as we rode around the housing estate but he hugged the kerb and didn't shy at the many horse-unfriendly objects on the route. And we waved to people in their houses who came to the window. Despite being in the countryside they obviously don't see many horses *g*

Despite the sluggishness, I was very happy. We were contented upon return :)

Circumstances conspire against me so Quadi has another day off tomorrow.

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  1. Handbrake is fine, emergency stops are when you need to worry ;)