Saturday, 17 April 2010

Being the Grown-Ups...of sorts!

Today I had planned to go for a long road hack to increase Quadi's fitness but we had the opportunity to hack with a nervous friend and her greenish horse. I tacked up in the courtyard in the sun which was blissful.

Quadi's great to leave the yard on his own, not so much in equally wibbly company! We had to have a little lead to start with and then once we were side-by-side all was ok. Until one stopped, then both stopped! So initially our hack was a little 'dribbly' but we kept going.

Eventually Quadi and I made it into the lead, one minute he couldn't possibly and the next minute it was no trouble at all. Strange lad! I had to constantly keep his walk slower as he was marching out and away from our company.

We were out for quite a while because we had to double back on our paths in the forest a few times. Greeny Pony didn't want to step over any ditches, so we had to find ditch-free routes which is impossible. This meant we had to dismount once to cross. Greeny Pony is a mare and we thought she'd love to follow a handsome loon like Quadi anywhere but instead she took offense to having to walk with a boy *lol*

We met Introooders in the forest in the form of some kids on bikes, which meant both slammed on the anchors again and we weren't the first to make a move. Never mind, we all set off again. Once we came to the scary water container they both stopped again. When Greeny Pony was asked to walk forwards, she went backwards and into Quadi. Being indignant about having to keep company with a stinky boy and being asked to lead past a horse-eating container was too much and she raised her back end to kick. Luckily she was too close to connect and instead just shoved her arse into Quadi's ribs. We couldn't get out of the way quick enough and Quadi meeped a girly meep when she made contact with his barrel. I'm lucky to have such a chilled out dude, he'll press flesh with any horse. I do love my gelding, he's always on a reasonable plateau!

We were back in the lead and went a little farther before heading back home which was lovely and uneventful. This was our company's first hack in ten months, so whilst we weren't perfect I think we did well considering how unreliable a pairing we can be!

We must've been out a fair while, well over an hour, and Quadi was rather warm but not sweaty when we came home. I think the controlled walk work was good for him. For most of the hack I could feel him lifting his back, it bothered me some because I was convinced he must be ill or away to buckle at the legs. I'm just not used to it!

I bought some very fancy new stirrup leathers, to match the colour of my saddle and they're too short :( Bummer.

Before I forget, here is the new boy. Espresivo RPB, a little PRE out of a Yeguada Militar mare. Photos are taken by Kate's OH, a hobbyist but very talented phototaker (who was also responsible for our clinic photos):

Here he is with Quadi bringing up the rear. He'll be a year old at the beginning of May, so a tall boy already!


  1. Aw he's lovely and yep he's a tall boy already!

  2. very nice!

    and sounds like a good ride out as well!