Saturday, 17 April 2010

Perfect Friday

Once again I was much too bush-whacked to blog. Terrible!

I didn't want to school again last night owing to a crappy day at work. It was a beautiful 'orangey' evening, perfect was a relaxing walk around the woods.

Thirsty boy had two buckets of water when he came in, am going to clean the water trough this weekend in case it's he's not wanting to drink out of it. I suspect it's more a case of laziness on his part but can't take the chance.

He marched off the yard and only stopped when he saw Introoooders like dog walkers and cyclists. Which I don't mind especially as he was a little on his toes last night. We saw a red squirrel on the way too! Didn't get a chance to take a photo, was concentrating on my horse ;)

When we set off I let him have a long rein, but I wanted to experiment with contact. Working with Perry I realised that a gentle contact is vital for communication, so that's what I worked on. Soft but consistent hands. During the hack I worked on some flexions. Left was ok. Right, not so much but he was very looky and spooky.

Having said that he worked really well off my seat and legs and I could feel him using his back. Lush!

We met the aforementioned dog-walkers, cyclists, cows and kids on motorised toy cars! He was great, we stopped to chat to the kids who thought his name was funny.

Around the loop we had a lovely canter. It started off slow and controlled, as we motorbiked around the corner I realised we were picking up the pace somewhat! Luckily there were people at the end of the track who popped up and made him slow right up, ears pricked *lol*

We even headed home over the ditches, the pilot getting rather left behind jumping the second but he was very pleased with himself. Pleased enough to have another canter up the hill, through some very narrow trees (I have a lovely bruised, scratched knee), erupting onto the track from the forest and only slowing to a trot near home. Shan't be doing that again but I had to giggle!

Hopefully more of the same nice work today.


  1. you're making great progress with him, you know, thinking back to when he came back home...

  2. Thank you, when I get bogged down I shall remind myself of that. He has come a long way :)