Saturday, 27 June 2009

Tickly toes on open grass!

Still here. Here being not at home! I shall be away possibly until August. Perhaps I ought to have brought one of Himself's brushes with me to sniff...

I'm a little strung out with work and other issues right now so I feel blue. Away from home and everyone keeps telling me they miss me :( I think I will go to the gym because it always makes me feel happy, and it should help with the work-related nervous jitters I have. I have developed a twitch between my shoulder blades too :o Shall be digging out the sensible trainers!

I think Kate has cracked the saddle quandry, he seems to be happy in an Ideal Jessica she has procured for her mare. I haven't seen exactly what I want on eBay because I want havana, but will keep looking. Naturally would rather buy one second hand in case he changes his mind by the time I get home!

He is going well. His last schooling sesssion was fab from what I hear. Still having trouble lifting his back when he goes forwards from trot to walk, but that will come with time and strength.

He has had a couple of mooches around the fields too. First go he was inattentive but a good boy. Today...naughty Quadi thought he was going to dictate range, bearing and speed! More manners required for schooling in open fields methinks, so definitely a summertime task. Apparently front and back feet left the ground, mercifully not at the same time! After much discussion, it was decided that the rider should be in charge for everyone's safety :D I don't think he was terribly happy about it but tough!

He has moved fields today so perhaps a little on his toes...he'd better pull up his socks though, I don't think he realises how lucky he is to be looked after by Kate!

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