Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Too lazy to even blog!

Not only have I not been to the gym, but I haven't even been energetic enough to blog that information! Actually, in my defence, the internet connection here is tricky...

I've only been away a week mind, and was quite seasick the first couple of days. Hopefully in the next day or two I'll feel like it.

Quadi is having a week off whilst Kate is away. She has been riding him and has noticed that he is blocking through his shoulders and instead of giving true bend, he is twisting at the poll. What a puzzle he is.

There is an equine massage person/body worker who comes to the yard and has been working with Quadi's physio, I'm thinking Himself might benefit from some massage. See if we can't loosen up his butch shoulders!

Mind you, when I have my shoulders round my ears most of the time, I can hardly expect poor Q to unclench!

Massages all round when I get home then. Ooh err missus!


  1. Those odd head/neck postures are often due to chiropractic issues involving the poll and/or first couple of cervical vertebrae - perhaps the massage person isn't such a bad idea!

  2. there was a lady called Jenny does horse masssage was on the flexions clinic on sunday, did a wonderful job with one of the horses there which was discovered to have an issue during the clnic ... "hands on hands" was the name of her business ...we were all most impressed. don't know if she'd come up as far as you but worth asking, i would have thought....

  3. How long are you away for Danni? And I guess you must have an onboard gym?
    Hope the body worker and physio sort Q's issues.

  4. I don't believe in cracking joints and ligaments, especially not chronic issues, but thanks for the heads up Kate. I will make sure the front end is closely inspected :)

    Claire, thank you, will look her up. The woman who comes to our yard is supposed to be great, but will keep that in mind. Whose flexion clinic were you at?

    Jane...I have no idea. I'd really like to be away for two months because I need the pennies but I can see all the draws that home has bringing me back sooner ;)

    We do have a gym, I have still yet to be reacquainted with it!

  5. You're very bad, get to the gym!

    Bowen has helped Safi before..well with things that could be helped, she always found it very relaxing...also McTimony Chiropractic - that made her stand square for the first time in her life poor crookit wee beastie!

  6. Bowen's definitely worth a try,it has helped me in the past and Polo too. Im like you shoulders round my ears most of the time..my posture is shocking!

  7. It's early days, and hopefully the physio will be all we need. Won't rule out other treatments of course (horses like to defy our prior experiences!), but my personal experience of chiro is slackened ligaments :( Not sure what Bowen is though? Will have to look into it, is it quite gentle?

    Quadi might be getting a massage next week. He might be stealing poor Mr Fin's appointment!

    Me, well, I still haven't been to the gym. Feeling much to sorry for myself!

  8. Bowen is gentle - a rolling and flick / twitch sort of thing on muscles to release...er that sounded well technical lol!

    I've had it and from how beneficial I found it I had saf done

  9. I didn't realise Bowen was a muscular treatment. Will have to look into it, thank you :)