Saturday, 6 June 2009

Rider issues

Not the best weather given we are supposed to be into summer now, but there was no hail so I shan't complain!

I decided to have a bash at riding Quadi without any lunge warm up. The poor lad always thinks he's finished after lunging, I feel a little guilty saddling him when he thinks he's all done!

He was very forward and marched off keenly. I think he was interested in the jumps being put away, I hope he doesn't get any ideas about jumpies too soon (although he did depart the field the other morning, we can only assume he went up and over as there were no open gates or disturbed fencelines!)

First things first. I got myself sitting up straight. Asking for flexions wasn't working at walk, I was really very cold (my hands and feet don't work so well in the cold!), so I halted. Same as the other day, just very gently asking for some relaxation of the jaw and lifting of the back. Once we'd established this we moved off into walk again. I didn't 'get' as much as I did the other day, I do blame my frozen hands, they were finding it easier to move backwards rather than vibrate fingers, which is obviously not desirable! My left is much weaker and less dextrous so my homework is to use the mouse in my left hand whilst offshore. I had to work hard to let the weight of my arms down to my elbows, instead of hiking my shoulders up! And I should also probably try to breathe more often, when I concentrate I hold my breath as if I'm swimming *lol*

I'm hoping to get some video tomorrow because I'd like to see when it looks right and when it looks wrong. I'm having trouble knowing when I've got enough flexion and when I can ask for a little more.

The great news is the problem is me, not Quadi. Kate had a little sit on for me and is far better placed to bring him on over these next few weeks. I have too many wrongs to right! I asked her if she'd bring him up to trot. At first it looked like he might not be ready for it, but once he's stopped looking for a battle he was soft and forwards and in a lovely outline. He was so funny, once he'd agreed to this way of going, I think he was surprised at how easy it was, just like me the other day! Whatever schooling issues we have now, they are no physical. Once he gives up trying to put up and fight and just gives a little, I think we'll be over the biggest hurdle. It seems the work so far has agreed with him, he looks fab :D

(I promise he was worked on both reins!)


  1. Thanks for the pictures - he is a beautiful horse!

  2. Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! I have a grin from ear to ear!!! Well done all 3 of you. :-D xxx

  3. Thank you :)

    Helen, there are as many bad photos of my riding him as there are good, but it's a start!

  4. I'm sure there are Danni, I have some shockers of me riding! but it's the overall picture that counts. Lovely lovely lovely! xx