Saturday, 20 June 2009

Seasick :s

All my shift last night. Several sprints to the loo and the remainder of the time I had my head on the desk, quietly weeping and braying to myself into the fake grain of my grotty desk.

I managed to hold down a few Ritz crackers and some rice. A considerable truimph. Must remember seasickness pills for next time. I stupidly thought I'd be ok...which of course means I shall be punished every time we are corkscrewing through swell.

Today all that remains is a throbbing headache. Partly from not eating and partly from not drinking enough water. My decreased water consumption is somewhat deliberate. I can't bring myself to use the loo downstairs too often :x Ick!

My joints ache a bit from lack of movement, I really do need to dig deep and find some motivation to get to the gym. Of course, I just want to go to my OWN gym and see MY horse and ride MY bike! How childish *lol*

I am making do with regular viewings off all the Quadi pics and vids I brought with me. I have been watching the videos of my riding a lot, I am starting to see where Kate sees what I'm doing wrong. I suppose there's hope for me yet.

I also have some Monty Python with me to cheer me up :D Simple things for simple people!


  1. where are you? that is, which bit of sea...

  2. Atlantic, west of Ireland :)

  3. oh dear... one of the worst bits, I think?

  4. Yeah, something about the wave pattern here isn't agreeing with me. There were a few men down the other day so it wasn't just me being soft!

  5. Ewwww poor you, I get horribly seasick, always have...I felt ill on a cruise ship whilst we were tied up in port lol!!

    Hope you feel a bit better soon x

  6. Oh gross ...ive not been out to sea much so no experience of being sea sick but I do get travel sick at the back of a bus so can kind of imagine!