Friday, 5 June 2009

The kindness of friends :)

What a day!

I was a bit late on leaving today, much DIY going on in the house which means must tidying!

I also stuck around at home to see if the rain would go off. Thankfully it did. I even wondered if I was going to be too warm under all my layers. Halfway there, I was battered in a hail storm! Soaked to my knickers :o I can't say it was terribly pleasant the rest of the way there. I was so grateful to get into my (dry!) jods but I can't begin to describe the difficulties I had wriggling into my jods with damp legs! I tried drinking an electrolyte drink for the ride out and it seemed to help a lot, I wasn't so tired and recovered very quickly. I really felt the difference in my legs, they didn't give up on me!

Quadi went well today and worked very hard.

I cracked on with his Pessoa lungework, warm up was ok apart from lack of attention, he does insist on trying to bend to the outside. Fine on the left rein, but not so much on the right. When I pushed him up into trot he flung his head in the air and therefore found coming back to work very hard indeed.

He didn't curl back as much hooked into the Pessoa this time, and really worked hard in it. We had a circle or two of canter on each rein, the left was better than the right as to be expected. On the left he was uphill and on the correct bend, on the right he was more on his forehand but little by little he's getting there. I had his back working for a lot of the time, much progress there. He was a little bit of a pest to keep out on his circle, I hope when he is being lunged in my absence he will cease and desist his shenanigans on that front!

Polework was ok, he's still stepping on them and knocking them and generally fumbling a little bit. In walk he wiggles and does his best to avoid the poles, naughty pony! I pushed him up into trot and it was much better, but still this head-raising as soon as he's left the final pole. Better than it was, I'm hoping to see an improvement again tomorrow.

The poor love thought he was finished but we had other plans! Just as he was being tacked up, the heavens opened with another hail shower. We took cover in the hay shed which wasn't quiet and had the boy a little on his toes! Once the shower had passed I mounted up and Quadi promptly escorted me straight back to the barn via a tantrum and paddy in the car park! Not forgetting the rear-and-throw-ourselves-through-the-door technique...

We had to dive for cover again in the hay shed so we worked on a little bit of flexions and jaw softening, and my position.

The shower soon passed and we were in the school. My job was to get my backside under me and lift my pelvis straight. We are talking pelvic thrusts, not sure how I'm supposed to practice them off the horse without seeming like a pervert...

I struggled for a while but then I got it, and I knew I got it because everything suddenly came together with ease. Once Quadi released his jaw and accepted the contact, we worked on the same thing in walk. I have lots of homework! I musn't saw my hands. I don't do it in an obvious, jaw-breaking way of course, but I do move my hand when I should be flexing a finger! Also, opening the rein rather than moving my hand; inviting him into my hand and the space I'm allowing him to be in. And open my wrists out, riding palm-down is another thing closing him off from me.

I did some figure of eights and simple school shapes and we managed to maintain an outline for a circle. It was great to feel his back lifting up, even for that short space of time :) I can't believe how little of an aid I need for him, but also I am relieved that I can hold the reins rather than wimping out and not taking up any feel at all.

The Myler full cheek that Kate has loaned us seems to be helping a lot, it's very stable and very clear, I think we both need clarity at the moment.

A very full day for Quadi, hopefully it wasn't too much. I gave him a nice rub-down after work and told him what a good boy he is for working hard for me even though I almost never know what I'm doing!

The cycle home was really good, I really pressed on and managed to cycle up a couple of hills I used to have to stop midway up, and I am coping with higher, more difficult gears now. Once again I did it in 45 minutes, I wonder if the electrolytes are helping? Slightly knocking the shine off my day, disaster struck 30 seconds from home and my front tyre went totally flat!!! My friend and her OH cycle competitively and they are going to come and repair it for me :D

Tomorrow is a busy day as I'll be on the ground helping Kate with Fin and jumping, and more schooling for Quadi. Camera will be charged!


  1. i would think it's the more cycling that's helping you do it in that time more often!

  2. I think so too, but the electrolytes mean I don't want to collapse in a heap when it gets a bit tough! They taste ick though, like a melted ice lolly :S