Wednesday, 24 June 2009

In other news...

A Quadi update :)

No massage for him beacause the therapist was sick, now on again for mid-July :)

After an enforced mini-break (isn't it annoying how life in general gets in the way of horsey business?!) Quadi was worked last night and I got a very good report from Auntie Kate :D

Even before the Pessoa he was reaching forwards and down, which is great to hear. I will have to keep up the good work once I get home. Lots of praise for when he does this, we might get to the point where the Pessoa won't be needed very much at all. Right bend still evades him, so more in-hand work showed him the way and bend was achieved very quickly. Even strides of trot. All great to hear. And Kate is fitting various saddles to him whilst I'm away. Hopefully it will mean all I have to do is try one or two once I get back. It's great to have a groom...*lol*

I'm afraid nothing interesting from me. I wasn't seasick on this transit just gone, which is great. I might, however, have to work into late July. Need the pennies!

Here is the view at about 5am today as we sailed in. Only from a camera phone sadly...

And some real sailors!


  1. camera phones are pretty good these days... i love sunset and sunrise shots over sea, every second is different...

  2. It looks beautiful - even if it doesn't feel it. Hope the sickness doesn't return. Glad your boy is doing well. :-)

  3. Sounds like Q is coming on really well - and finding it so much easier to pick stuff up now it doesn't hurt when he tries bless him.
    Glad you're feeling a bit better now too!

  4. Excellent news about Q!
    Good pictures:)