Sunday, 7 June 2009

Operator error

Another funny day weather-wise, thankfully we were all done when the heaven's opened.

I wanted my riding filmed today so I could see when I got it right and when I got it wrong. I'll post the links in a bit.

I got on, once again without lunging. He was somewhat distracted on account of another horse in the school and jumps being put away. Not an excuse really but I found it hard to be more interesting to him than the other happenings around us.

So I called him to a halt and tried some flexions. An unsuccessful attempt, culminating in my crying again! Mostly frustration, I wanted to be better than yesterday and instead I was worse :( I was doing everything the same as yesterday and it wasn't buggering working!!!

Kate stopped me and gave me a kick up the arse. I'm not allowed to be on a horse if I'm not happy, so I either had to get happy or get off. After more crying I decided I ought to get happy. But I needed help. It's obvious I was blocking Quadi in some way. We now know he is more than happy to comply with correct requests.

I took my feet out of my stirrups to relax my legs, took a couple of deep breaths and tried my hardest to smile :s

Anyway, I attempted gentle flexions from a halt. He complied almost straight away (if I was cynical I'd say he was doing it to show me up but we know it's me not him, it's never the horse!). So we moved off into walk. He threw his head up but we worked on correcting that. Kate had me tell her what I was doing. When it wasn't working, I had to explain why. It felt like he was solid through his inside shoulder.

And why was he blocked here? Because his muppet rider was clenched in the exact same place! More deep breaths and things got better from there.

There were moments where I could maintain his head carriage for almost a half a circle, but more often than not he was pokey-nosed. Sometimes he curled behind but we are still finding where we are comfortable.

After what was only a brief session it was hacking time!

How much better he was for being in company :D I think to begin with we were a little up Fin's bottom but we settled down. Quadi's pretty reliable in traffic, but on his own fast-approaching vehicles are a bit of a worry to him. Thankfully we were in company and most people slowed down. As Quadi settled he settled into a rhythm and stretched over his back, which was really nice. On the way home we were approached by lots and lots of cyclists, all heading in the same direction as us. Apart from one boy trying to overtake us as a car drew level with us in the opposite direction, no drama. But such a lot of bikes, I'd be impressed with any horse to stay settled due to the sheer number of them. Not the Tour de France, but about 40 or so and lots of kids! Quadi's lack of hacking fitness was evident by the time we'd ascended the hill up to the yard. He wasn't puffing, but he was sedate on arrival back home! A big kiss from me as it was a nice hack despite my getting a bit cold!

I wasn't finished yet! I was summoned, yes summoned, to the school to play on Fin.

I hopped on and almost fell off! My legs and bum just expected there to be a much wider horse (Quadi-width!) than there was, very odd feeling. Once I'd gotten my balance and gotten Fin going forwards, the objective was to swing my hips in time with Fin's walk. I found it quite hard. It shouldn't be, all I have to do is let his hindlegs swing me! Very hard work and I could only 'get' it for a couple of strides in all. I could, however, feel a great difference in Fin's walk between getting it right and, well, not so right. He stopped a couple of times, probably wondering what the hell I was up to! Driving with the handbrake on again. He got his own back, he stood on my foot good and proper!

Here are the video links. Comments are always welcome as long as they're constructive, I'm aware of the mountain I have to climb!


  1. Gosh you're so hard on yourself!! You're much much better than you think you are!

  2. I wish I shared the sentiment Jane, but as long as I can be average and learn to enjoy myself, that's accomplishment enough!

  3. You really do need a kick up the arse hun, swiftly..and hard! STOP putting yourself down.

    You and Q are doing a fab job, and getting better by the day x