Monday, 8 June 2009

See you soon Professor!


Last day with my favourite boy today :( I'm not due away until Wed but I've still no wheels and buses/walking will take up the entire day, which I won't have because I have to pack!

What a lovely evening to spend with him though. I decided earlier today that after the hack yesterday lunging in the Pessoa would be plenty work! And a good decision this was, a bit of a sleepy boy this evening.

Warm up wasn't the best we've done, but he was a bit 'lumpy' and tired. Not bad at all, he just found it a bit tricky. His head sometimes strayed above the forward and out shape that I like him to be in at this early point. Inside bend evaded him now and again, and I had to push him away from me. I think if I'd have allowed him to, he'd have spiralled straight into me looking soppy :)

There was a horse in the school next door who had a buck and a fart on the lunge, and Mr Fin was in with us working on canter. Quadi never flinched once, he really is a Professor!

Once I he'd shown me he could walk and trot on both reins with sufficient energy not to fall on his face, we tried again with the Pessoa. On the left rein he was great, he was seeking the bit and his head and neck carriage was, dare I say, moving into a slightly more advanced position from the novice outline I'd be happy to take at this stage. And he's really starting to engage his bottom, this Pessoa thingie really works for this sort of rehab. He was still being a bit slow off the aids at this point but I did encourage a cheeky canter for one circle. Halt to trot too. I was more than pleased with this so we switched to the right rein.

He curled back a bit, and since he was warmed up, I asked for trot. What a lovely trot, I'm so pleased! I didn't have to drive him on so much on this rein. I know he was probably tired and it was hard work so I'm not complaining. Another circle of canter and demonstrating a lovely square halt into an energetic trot. I called it a day and gave him smoochy kisses and a treat. He always gets a treat after work :)

We went up to help Fin with some light jump work in the field, Quadi was very good and stood with me on Pole Retrieval Duty, which we didn't even have to do once :D Lots of fuss and more smooches and back to the field.

I will miss him so very much, I am taking photos and video of him to cheer me up on the days I miss him. Kate will be looking after him in my absence (Thank You!!!) so I'm sure I'll get plenty of updates. For the next couple of weeks it'll be a gym diary from me again with a smattering of Pony Reports.


  1. I want to see vid of the Pessoa work!! I'm so excited for you Danni! He's going to be just fab!!

    PS Now fumbling with my left-handed mouse as per your suggestion! What a good idea!

  2. Jane, I'm sorry! I did say I'd video it, totally forgot. It's a bit messy anyway, I don't proclaim to be proficient! I promise as soon as I'm home I'll get some clips. But I can type up what a typical session is if you'd like :)

    He is looking so good already, I stand and lunge him, I can't take my eyes off him. He's so beautiful I still have to pinch myself that he's my horse!

    Good luck with the mouse, it's hard work!