Friday, 3 July 2009

Birthday boy

Quadrado is 12 today, so Happy Birthday to him from me, currently in Norway!

Four years ago, when I went down to see him:

And the end of May this year:

He's lost a lot of muscling through his back right down his backside and his thighs. And his chest. Well, everywhere really! But he's sound and making great strides.

He's been doing really well in his training, every session he makes progress. Last report he managed to carry himself properly from the outset, starting on the right rein which is his iffy side. He's also holding himself up in trot, and whilst he is still having to work hard to lift himself back into walk, Kate reported that he did manage it after a couple of tries and she ended on that great note.

He's also started some more lateral work both in-hand and under saddle, mostly trying to mobilise his shoulders and as for correct bend through his body rather thancheating by twisting his head at the poll.

So two thumbs up, all sounding good! He also hasn't put on any weight, which is my constant worry whilst I'm away from home and unable to see him. Not that I don't trust those taking care of him, I'm just being precious.

Quadi did, however, see fit to cover himself head-to-toe in mud and runny cow pats last week. Very naughty hippo!

Me, well, I'm ashamed to admit I've yet to do much more than move my mouse around the desk! I went for a walk for about an hour on Monday, before we sailed, and nothing since. I have switched from nightshift to dayshift and back in the space of 5 days, so am tired and grumpy, and have stomach pains. And I won't have reached the halfway mark until next week. That sounds like a rant, but it's not, I'm fine, just missing home. And my own bed, and having baths, and eating vegetables!


  1. Happy birthday to him! Glad his training is going so well - he is a very handsome boy.

  2. thought vegetables were compulsory shipboard these days? or are you still on lime juice, lol! don't want scurvy to add to your woes... :-)

  3. They are, but they're either nasty salad or frozen veg which tastes like it's been defrosted on a warm windowsill rather than cooked. I'm just a fussy git really. The comment about my getting scurvy was made only the other day, lime juice and ship's biscuits for me!

    I don't have woes Claire. Prima donna gripes, yes! :D

  4. Belated Happy Birthday Quadi!!!!
    Gosh hasn't he got lighter! (Guess I've got that to look forward to!)
    So glad he's doing so well, Danni!

  5. I know, I think he'll eventually go a silvery-white like his dam. Isn't it typical that he is such a mudlark!

    It's hard to imagine either of them getting any lighter, especially Zefiro :o It's like having a different horse every year *lol*