Saturday, 11 July 2009

No news

Quadi is going great guns. He is still learning about right bend and has shown intermittent shortness in the off fore. I don't even want to call it lameness because I don't think it's seated in pain. Not anymore at least. I think in asking him for correct bend through his body, and achieving this, he is working muscle groups and joints he has previously tried to protect. It disappears once he starts working properly in warm up which makes me think once he can work correctly from the start of a session we won't see it anymore. Kate noticed he was fine once into the Pessoa and not evading. So with practice he will be able to do it without the ropes and pulleys :) Just as he is now able to hold himself up better when working 'naked' on the lunge, or under saddle.

And he's had another shoeing. Normal shoes this time, which is huge progress. He is standing straight and squarer with those back legs, and moving great too. His toes have been brought back to give him a shorter breakover.

My gammy left shoulder has been giving me grief for about 48 hours now. I'll explain. A few years ago, I broke my collarbone twice in the space of 6 months. Falling off the same horse, both times in spectacular fashion. Half pikes, somersaults, the lot! Arms and legs flailed wildly and uncontrollably...with that much activity, speed and projection I fear I looked not unlike a cat launching an attack on a Christmas tree. Danni-shaped dents were left in the surrounding flora. I believe the second fall resulted in me rolling under the horse and tumbling several times, splitting my knickers up the back in the process. Not my jods though, thank goodness. But the pants were clearly distressed by the whole thing, I must have done the splits with my legs at some point. At least, I hope that's what split them!

I didn't get very good physio rehab afterwards. So my rotator cuff muscles (don't know their proper name) are all torn away and my left shoulderblade sits proud of my back. Not a good look in an evening dress, good job I spend my life in hoodies!

I've relented and taken ibuprofen. It's a nagging ache from my back, into the shoulder, right through to my fingers. And I can't put any weight down my arm. It's been a while since it has bothered me. I haven't done anything to warrant this, save getting in and out of bed. Terrible! I'll be needing a davit to get me in and out of my bunk, and a stairlift. And one of those chairs that stands you up out of it...

One more thing. I'm hanging my head in shame as I type this. I still haven't seen the inside of the gym. I'm not motivated and have absolutely zero sense of urgency. I still have nearly 4 weeks to go so still time to build back up before I get home. Not good enough of course. My Little Pony is working hard, it's time I showed the same sort of dedication.


  1. Would some chiro/strengthening exercises help the shoulder? I had a damaged rotator cuff one time (horse rearing backwards on the lead) and physical therapy helped it heal - but yours sounds worse than mine.

  2. i'll agree with kate, find a better treatment now! and as you say, no point Q mending his body if you don't sort yours out (says she, not bothering! :-) )

    are you at Blair this year, BTB?

  3. My shoulder hasn't hurt for a long time. But I've not worked for 6 months save the odd week here and there in the office. So I believe it's from bad posture at my desk. I was having massages a couple of months ago, they hurt but they helped. If I wiggle my shoulderblade around it clicks and jumps under muscle knots :o

    I pretty much know all the exercises I need to do for my shoulder. Another reason to go to the gym. You're right Claire, no point in trying to straighten out Quadi if I'm squint. He'll mirror any issues I have anyway.

    I'll be heading home from Devon on the first day of Blair. Hadn't thought about it yet tbh, what day(s) are you there?

  4. I'll post about the serious side of long term falling off injuries and what I've done to help mine later...but I just had to jump in and say that your descriptions of falling off made me snort wine all over the PC

    Hun, even when I'm at my lowest you manage to crack a smile out of me, bless you and your split knickers

  5. In that case Larri, it was worth posting about ripped knickers alone to hear that you could smile about it.


    Hurrah for me and my unstable undercrackers!!!