Thursday, 16 July 2009

It'll hurt tomorrow

I did it. I dug deep, sucked it up and went to the gym. I might need the medic tomorrow though.

I didn't warm up and I didn't warm down, the former because I just wanted to get on with it whilst I felt motivated to do so, and the latter because I was knackered and couldn't be bothered. Might as well be faithfully honest and say so, that's what this blog is for.

All I did was a half-hour of interval work on the bike. Which was pleasant from the offset since the saddle was infinitely comfier than the examples at the gym and my pedalbike at home! It's generously wide and squishy, just like my ass, so at least I don't have a sore tailbone or seatbones now. It's also nice to wear my properly-fitted running sneaks again, I need to stock up on appropriate footwear...

5 minutes hard work, 2.5 minutes 'rest' for half an hour, I think that was a reasonable effort, although nothing special. Since I approached the task with copious fervour and no common sense, I got a stitch and my heart rate was too high. But in that brief moment between setting out and unable to breathe, I felt very good, those endorphins do help!

My skin is very itchy now though, my hands and lower arm seem to be swelling (I have Raynaud's Syndrome) and they're red. It could also be from sweat, and being under air-con 24 hours a day. And lack of fitness. All of the above really! I was a little unsteady going down the stairs so I expect I'll be sore tomorrow, but I'll go back and at least do the same again. Beat these lazy muscles into submission :)

Quadrado continues to go well. Very well in fact. I'll do a proper update about him after the weekend, lots to tell. But he's happy, I think he actually has his massage this weekend, lucky devil :D


  1. hope yo're not getting scleroderma to go with the raynauds'....

  2. Just breathe and relax - you did a great thing to get out there and do it - make sure you take a proper rest after.

  3. I have no idea what scleroderma but it happened again...

    Kate, I did have a proper rest, took me another two days to go back again *lol*